god damn this EP never gets old

Zach from @portugaltheman was a rad dude. I’m humbled to have met him. kept up the good work. We appreciate it.

this song still bumps


G∆T_ 43763943

Despite rockin’ a mean ass fro and not winning the battle at Castle, I’m still stoked that I had a blast throwing down with my guy Kaisah. If you’re not doing it for fun, you’re not doing it for the right reasons. Keep that in mind. #barragoon #kaisah #koreansrule

shout out to @tailored_goods for the shirt to rep tonight. See you guys all at Castle. Battle starts at 10pm. Be there.

632 N Dearborn St
Chicago, IL 60654
United States

#barragoon #castle #udjc #takemetomdbp #jodyhighroller #mdbp

#tbt to A$ap Ferg at @bonnaroo

I’m competing in this tonight. Come out and support. Not much else to ask. so do it. Starts at 10pm.

and here she is

The Princess never forgets to keep her Play-Doh organized. #isabeldoingthings #istillhatefrozen #playdohhustle

Anonymous: what are your turn ons?


Pan dulce.