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Valie Export - Shadow, 1971

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From the exhibit Drinking on the Job by Neck Face

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[x] “One does not simply dancey dance into Mordor”


this is the 3rd time i’ve reblogged this and I am still laughing hystarically

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the most fun I’ve had in a tag team set. Props to Kaisah for throwing down. Sometimes 2 is better than 1? we’ll find out on the next episode of Dragon Ball Z. #kaisah #barragoon #b2b #evilolive #labfridays #bangbros #isuvibetribe #audisbliss #imnotsurewhattodowithmyhands

god damn this EP never gets old

Zach from @portugaltheman was a rad dude. I’m humbled to have met him. kept up the good work. We appreciate it.

this song still bumps


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